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  • Hunting Voucher Pack Ⅱ x1

    Hunting Voucher Pack Ⅱ

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    Bag Extension Voucher

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Game Features

  • Master 7 Weapon Types
    Become a Master of Weaponry

    Master 6 unique weapon types: Greatsword, Lance, Longbow, Twin Blades, Staff, and Armored Gauntlets. Each offers a different combat style with different skill sets and attributes to aid you in slaying even the toughest monsters.

  • A Free-Roaming World
    A Free-Roaming World

    Engage in real-time combat with a completely unlocked camera and take in the world of Rangers of Oblivion. Hunt, slay, and loot monsters to forge stronger equipment and take down tougher and tougher foes.

  • Next-Gen Graphics
    Next-Gen Graphics

    Dive into a highly detailed 3D fantasy world with an ever-changing environment. A day/night cycle, weather system, ocean tides, swaying vegetation, and even snowstorms come together to bring the world to life.

  • Hunt the Ultimate Prey
    Hunt the Ultimate Prey

    Form a team with other players, or go at it alone and take down hundreds of fierce beasts and monsters. Explore the diverse wilderness and encounter challenges along the way whether you are a trainee, or a seasoned Ranger.

  • A Rich World to Explore
    A Rich World to Explore

    Live out the tale of a legendary Ranger in the Land of Malheim with so much more to experience than just the hunt. Catching wild horses, searching for hidden treasure, going fishing, and cooking exotic dishes are only some of the activities for you to discover.

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